Rick Bryson

Rick Bryson is running for congress in North Carolina District 11

Rick Bryson for CongressCongress is in a mess, and congressmen quarrel to make headlines, not improve their districts.  No surprise that 93% of Americans agree that it needs to be changed.

We need to get back to believing that we are all Americans, and we can do this by remembering the words from the Book of Isaiah, “. . . let us reason together.”

Let’s turn away from the politics of chaos and, instead, create a mountain economic revival, unlike anything ever before in Western North Carolina.

As your congressman, I will push for:

  • Upgrading our roads and municipalities . . . for better access for tourism and industry
  • Focusing attention to local issues in all 17 counties in the district . . . “all politics is local”
  • Creating GENERATION NOW, a research triangle concept spread all across WNC . . . build an industry-incubating foundation to bring in clean industry where our children can find creative work—and not be forced to move elsewhere to find work.

Telephone:  828-488-0050

e-mail:  brysonforcongress@gmail.com

Contributions:  Rick Bryson for Congress, PO Box 1695, Bryson City, NC 28713